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Formally, railings can be divided into inter-section and continuous. The former consists of a column, an armrest and a crosspiece. The handrail is supported on the column; the latter has a continuous handrail composed of an armrest, a railing and a base. Common types are: wooden railings, stone railings, stainless steel railings, cast iron railings, cast stone railings, cement railings, modular railings.
There are two types of hollowing out and entity. The hollow is composed of poles and handrails, and some are provided with crosspieces or floral ornaments. The entity is made up of fences, handrails, and partially hollowed out. The railing can also be made into a bench or a backrest. The design of the railing should be considered safe, suitable, beautiful, space-saving and convenient for construction.
We supply customers with various types of DIY railing products which are competitive in unique designs, easy installation and cheap price. Please feel free to buy high quality railing from us here.
  • Outdoor Decorative Steel Deck Railing

    Outdoor Decorative Steel Deck Railing

    These Outdoor Decorative Steel Deck Railings are manufactured cautiously so as to keep these rust-free and scratch resistant,which are available in a range of colors, sizes, designs, types and they are easy to install. They are used in homes, offices on the stairs and they...

  • Easy Aluminum Deck Railing

    Easy Aluminum Deck Railing

    Easy Aluminum Deck Railing is made of industrial aluminum. It is made by a new technology of classical plug-and-loop combination after extrusion, aging, ironing and high-temperature electrostatic spraying. The aluminum alloy guardrail does not need welding, wire connection...

  • Outdoor Metal Stair Railing

    Outdoor Metal Stair Railing

    Outdoor Metal Stair Railing requires thinner materials, no pollution to the environment, no toxicity to the human body; excellent appearance quality of coating, strong adhesion and mechanical strength; short curing time of spraying construction; high corrosion resistance and...

  • Home Fence Styles Vinyl Fence Company Near Me

    Home Fence Styles Vinyl Fence Company Near Me

    1.We are a professional team who can offer you the best service about size, process, specs, designs, and other professional suggestions. 2.We can make steel,iron and aluminium fence, that could satisfy your requirement about material. 3.We are factory,so we can guarantee the...