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3 Ft Decorative Metal Yard Fencing

3 Ft Decorative Metal Yard Fencing

A dvantages 1.It is a high quality,low maintenance fencing designed for homeowners. 2.It begins with raw steel .The pickets and rails are welded together to provide dependale strength and security and minimize installation time.After the welding process,there will be complex processing,such as...


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1.It is a high quality,low maintenance fencing designed for homeowners.

2.It begins with raw steel .The pickets and rails are welded together to provide dependale  strength and security  and minimize installation time.After the welding process,there will be complex processing,such as electric galvanized,alkaline cleaned,iron phosphate,drying oven,polyester powder spray.

3.It is well known in the world as beauty design and long lasting beauty.


Can be used in highway, railway, or on both sides of highways, bridges used as isolation gate, can be used as a shield, airports, ports, docks safety protection, municipal construction of parks, lawns, zoo isolation and protection, roads, residential area, hotel, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment protective and decorative.Use a combination of the guardrail net, and the attachment and steel pole support are fixed when used.


  • Easy to Install

  • Offers Privacy

  • Low maintenance

  • Architectural style

  • Various Sizes, Horizontal or Vertical

  • Adds Value to your Home

  • Meet Council Requirements

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