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Steel Fence

Characteristics of zinc steel fences
1. the lines are smooth, the colors are clear, and the atmosphere is steady.
2. sturdy and durable, economical, using high-tech technology to hide into a special coating process to produce a permanent coating, so that the zinc steel fence has superior corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance and long-lasting surface smooth, smooth, Easy to clean, no maintenance required.
3. the style structure design diversified to meet the needs of a variety of different places.
Due to its high durability, it is widely used in institutions, schools, parks, hospitals, airports, factories, apartments, stations and so on. It covers almost every corner of our lives.
We supply customers with various types of DIY steel fence products which are competitive in unique designs, easy installation and cheap price. Please feel free to buy high quality steel fence from us here.
  • Metal Garden Fencing Panels

    Metal Garden Fencing Panels

    For the purchase of iron fence products, first of all, from the material of the Metal Garden Fencing Panels, the quality of the mesh material directly affects the practicality and quality of the finished products of the fence.

  • Professional Privacy Plastic Lattice Fence Installation

    Professional Privacy Plastic Lattice Fence Installation

    We use high quality galvanized steel to ensure our customers get the most out of their Professional Privacy Plastic Lattice Fence Installation and gates. We use quality silicon welding wire for all welding joints and our standard size rails are machine punched rather than...

  • Modern Horizontal Wood Fence

    Modern Horizontal Wood Fence

    The Modern Horizontal Wood Fence fence is mainly used as a fence mesh on the sides of bridges along highways, highways and highways. It can also be used for security protection of airports, ports and terminals, parks, lawns, zoos and pools in municipal construction. Isolation...

  • Home Security Fences and Gates Installation Systems

    Home Security Fences and Gates Installation Systems

    We are the leading manufacturer, exporting, and supplier of premium quality fence and we can offer in different dimensions and related stipulations as per our customer's requirements. There are several reasons to put up a fence: privacy, borders, and architectural...

  • 4 Foot High Tube Steel Fence

    4 Foot High Tube Steel Fence

    Product description There are several reasons for building a fence: protecting privacy, setting boundaries, and enhancing the aesthetics of the building. Whatever the reason, we have a fence system for your home and landscape. From chain fences to electronic pet fences,...

  • 3 Ft Decorative Metal Yard Fencing

    3 Ft Decorative Metal Yard Fencing

    A dvantages 1.It is a high quality,low maintenance fencing designed for homeowners. 2.It begins with raw steel .The pickets and rails are welded together to provide dependale strength and security and minimize installation time.After the welding process,there will be complex...

  • 8 Foot Metal Fence

    8 Foot Metal Fence

    ​This 8 Foot Metal Fence is a complete welded fence system that enhances every architectural style.Designed to meet your perimeter security needs while blending into the background. The fence is an electric welding fence system for residential, commercial and industrial fence...

  • 5 Foot Black Tubular Fencing

    5 Foot Black Tubular Fencing

    Our smooth iron fences feature advanced RAL coated polyester coating technology. The surface of the iron pipe is frosted and has strong adhesion, so the paint is not easy to fall off. We conducted a thousand hours of smoke testing on steel pipes. Tests prove that our products...

  • 6 Ft Metal Picket Gate

    6 Ft Metal Picket Gate

    6 Ft Metal Picket Gate is a lighter alternative to the heavy industrial fencing used for specified projects.The welded 1” picket, 1 ¾” rail of the fence panel and 2 1/2” posts provides this ornamental fence a robust security profile.The steel fence best fits use such as...

  • 4ft Black Metal Picket Fence

    4ft Black Metal Picket Fence

    Product description Steel fences provide maximum safety. The system is easy to assemble and, once assembled, provides a rugged system and protects against crime and vandalism. All steel fence products are usually supplied with hot dip galvanizing to provide long-term...

  • 4 Ft Metal Patio Fence

    4 Ft Metal Patio Fence

    Features Use high-quality raw materials, the rigidity and flexibility of the substrate makes the overal strength of the product greatly improved. Streamlined appearance, soft colors,can harmonize the surrounding landscape, can blend in modern urban space and natural...

  • 6 Foot Metal Perimeter Fencing

    6 Foot Metal Perimeter Fencing

    Features 1. advanced surface treatment This product adopts thick galvanized layer and features strong adhension, improve resistance to corrosion, which enhance the adhension between metal surface and coating. Passivation treatment: strengthen rust-proof ability through change...

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