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Gate Post

  • 3x3 Steel Gate Posts

    3x3 Steel Gate Posts

    XCEL 3x3 Steel Gate Posts Material: 1.Pre-galvanized Steel 2.Steel Post Size : 3’’ x 3’’ (75mm x 75mm) 3.Steel Post Wall Thickness: 14Ga(2.0mm),12 Ga(2.5mm) 4.Steel Post Surface: PPG Powder Coated XCEL Metal Post Surface Treatment XCEL Metal Post ASTM...

  • 4x4 Square Metal Gate Post

    4x4 Square Metal Gate Post

    XCEL 4x4 Square Metal Gate Post can be used to secure fence panels for added stability and security. They can also be used to install attractive metal fencing on driveways. These types of post have a longer expected lifespan than timber and are more hard wearing. They...

We supply customers with various types of DIY gate post products which are competitive in unique designs, easy installation and cheap price. Please feel free to buy high quality gate post from us here.


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